Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Artist


Taer and Tum are graffiti artists in Bangkok. When they tag at night, neighbors, the police and gang members┬áharass them. So they tag in broad daylight instead. It’s the same painting, but during the day neighbors stop and say hello, take pictures and even encourage them to paint more.

When Taer and Tum see sloppy tags, they agree that graffiti can make the city look dirty. They know they can do better and want to show people how it’s done.

Artists: Ohae Rga (Taer), Darkone Rga (Tum), Abi Original, Phuritat Ongchan and Jartown.
Music: “Old Skool Hip Hop Brothers” by Catch22Music.
Thanks to Zrim Stonedride, Aui Wongsathianchai, Siri Puff, Art Yanin and Don Saron.

See the finished mural at Ladprao 101.